Decorating with Maps

For those who adore maps a vision of a private library or study papered with favourite maps is a dream we aspire to. Many of us look forward to the day when we can call a home our own, plastering the wall with the most interesting images from throughout the ages.

Now it’s not just map lovers that want to adorn their walls with directions and gradients, maps are becoming mainstream and interior designers are realising the potential as these as pieces of art.

Wall Art

Personalise It

If you’re fanatical about maps and don’t like the idea of following the interior design crowd you can personalise your walls, your maps and your love of design. Choose maps that mean something to you or your family alone.
For instance:

Travel Maps

An interior can be completely bespoke if you choose maps of places you’ve visited across the globe. You can make it even more detailed by choosing a particular decade or choosing village or town maps that pinpoint your location rather than city or country. You can decide on which maps you’d prefer from landscape to road maps. You could even add satellite maps or weather maps from the time you were there. The deeper you go the more chance you have of creating a scene that no one will be able to replicate. You’ll also bring back fond memories every time your mind drifts when you’re supposed to be hard at work.

Wallpaper 006

Home Maps

Many of us move around in our lives, even if our parents’ house is still in the same spot it was forty years ago, there’s a high chance we haven’t lived there all that time. From leaving to go to university to finding our first flat to setting up home as a family, each property and location tells a story. You can decorate with these tales of growing up by using maps specific to these areas. You can choose environmental maps, property maps, even population maps to make it more personal to you.

Family Tree

Finding your ancestors is a hobby many enjoy lately due to the success of “Who Do You Think You Are”. You can go a step further by decorating with maps that not only show where they were born but represent their moment in time.


We all have memories of favourite places from our primary school to the hospital our first child was born. A wall of maps showing these places can bring back those memories and allow you to become lost in them time and time again.

However you choose to decorate with maps, remember the beauty is that maps are so varied and versatile that you never have to follow the crowd.