Everything Mapped.

WOW, it seems that you can get a map put on just about anything these days. If your flooring it just not cutting it anymore or you want to brush up on your geography then look no further than these fantastic map carpets by Area Pavimenti of Italy.  Get one of these for your home, office or classroom and not only will this become a great focal point, it’s also education and looks great.

Map Carpet

The great British summer time is in full swing, the wettest drought I recall! If you are stuck indoors and you happen to love maps and doing jigsaw puzzles then our personalised map jigsaw puzzle is the perfect idea for you.

If you happen to live in the capital or are just visiting London, then this vintage map umbrella will not only keep you dry but ensure you never get lost again.

Map umbrella

Butler & Hill also have a great range of map gifts, from a wide range of Map Jigsaws to Personalised World Maps.