How Maps Enhance Your Marketing

If you’re in any doubt at all about how maps enhance your marketing strategies think of Google Maps. A billion dollar enterprise that is used by the majority of the population for a number of reasons every day.
Google know maps build reputations and increase conversions however they do this on a global, enormous scale. How does the small and medium business benefit from the use of maps?

Location, Location
A map of your location is one of the most visited aspects of your website. Visitors want to know where you are along with any other businesses nearby. By adding local attractions you can give your customers an extra reason to visit, showing them a trip out to your store or shop is a fun day out for all the family.

Picture This
New customers like to learn as much about a new business as they can. Your map helps them investigate. They will look for familiar places near to you and try to picture you in their minds. This gives you a tangible presence and makes you real to the potential customer. Of course, with Google maps, they also like to place the little man on the street. People have become used to seeing a place in detail before they visit it for the first time.


Clear Connections
Directions through maps or instructions allow you to connect with your customer. Even if they live 200 miles away, you will mention or show a familiar motorway as you tell them how to find you. This induces feelings of familiarity, suggesting to your customer that you’re already as trusted as a local business.

Other Avenues
If your map is exact and detailed it can bring in other visitors looking for businesses in your area. On the web it can be a great landing page as it connects with people local and far away.

Better Reputation
A map for your business, pinned on the wall, in a frame or on the web can raise your reputation significantly.

It shows you care about the local area and consider yourself to be an ambassador for your community and an integral part of serving the local people. It also shows you have no intentions of being a fly by night, you’re here to stay and you’ve claimed your small slice of the UK.

Traditional and older maps of your location can indicate in one glance your rich history, showing your longevity and cementing the fact that you’re a solid, reputable, long serving business.


Customer Information
Maps don’t only show roads and locations, you can create a map of your local area showing pin points of happy customers and their locations. This way of presenting information immediately reassures the consumer that you’re passionate about delivering a great service.

There’s a reason maps have never gone out of fashion and a reason why Google founders are so rich! What could you map signify?