Marketing with Maps: How to Create a Map that Customers Keep

We’ve already explored the effectiveness of a map on a business website, a brochure or flyer here but what if your business map could do so much more?

By viewing your map as a marketing tool in itself you could give your business an incredible boost online and offline by personalising an appropriate map with your own logo and contact details.

The trick is to create a map people want to keep. It doesn’t have to be overly detailed, it simply has to serve a purpose and offer information that can be used again and again. If your business map is favoured over others, visitors will return to you.


Here are our tips for creating maps that make your customers come back.

Consider Your Customers

The first step is understanding your customers. What age are they? Where do they live? What are their interests? What is their annual income? Are they male or female? Do they live far away? Where do they go after they’ve visited you?

The most common scenario would be that your customers don’t only visit you, they make a trip as productive as possible. Therefore understanding places of interest to your target audience and plotting them on the map will help win them over.

Widen Your Area

It’s tempting to use a small map that simply showcases your location, however this doesn’t serve an extra purpose for your customers. Even locals love a map that shows the major routes into a town. If you widen the area you can include places of interest such as Tourist information, public utilities, libraries and council offices.

Add Information

To make your maps of greatest appeal to business visitors, locals and tourists alike, the best maps should include clear direction on how to get to the destination. Locals will use these to guide family and friends to your town while tourists will adore the simplicity. If roads are labelled clearly and information about the surrounding motorways included, your map may become a favourite for people new to the area.

Involve the Community

Showing pride in your local area is one way to ensure the local community adore you. Add special places such as Betty’s tea shop or the local. This will give locals a personal connection with your map and they will be more likely to promote it over social media.