We are about to sell our millionth map jigsaw

Map Jigsaws

Map Marketing was established in London, England in 1979. Having successfully created a market for personalized wall maps, by 2003 the company found that the marketplace was becoming increasingly competitive.  Satellite navigation systems and Google Maps were on the horizon and as a small British company, Map Marketing was looking for a way to expand. Moving from business maps to personal maps seemed sensible, but how could it create a unique niche?

The Eureka moment came with the idea of creating a map jigsaw puzzle when the center piece was the home of the customer. The company had already developed software to create personalized maps (long before Google & GPS!) but had focused on wall maps for business customers. This seems like the ideal opportunity to create a gift that consumers would like. All they needed now was to figure out how to make jigsaws…

1 Million Map Jigsaws sold!

Fast forward 15 years and the personalized map jigsaw range is now sold all over the world. The range of map jigsaws has expanded with Where We First Met, Merry Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day versions.  In 2018, we will sell our 1 millionth map jigsaw – each one unique, centered on a different address!

A word from Brian O’Donnell

Map Marketing’s Managing Director, Brian O’Donnell, joined the company in 2015 and loves the history of this feisty British company. He says: “When I joined Map Marketing I spent a lot of time learning about its history.  I think it’s important to know where we come from in order to move forward. Adding together the various versions I realized that we were about to sell our millionth jigsaw! This is reflective of the fantastic customer service we offer our clients all over the world.

Map Marketing’s Future

The future of Map Marketing lies in continuing to offer the first class customer service that our clients expect and working with them to create new products for their target audience. We work with companies such as National Geographic, Uncommon Goods and Signals in the US and Present Finder, The Letteroom and Scotts of Stow in the UK.”

Contact Us

To talk to us about bringing personalized map jigsaws into your range or you would just like to have a no commitment discussion about how we could work together give us a call on
1-866-589-0274 (US)
01837 811313 (UK)
or email sales@mapmarketing.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Personalized Map Jigsaw

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