National Map Reading Week 2017

It’s National Map Reading Week 2017 and we want to talk maps with you…

It’s National Map Reading week, which is very exciting for us here at Map Marketing. Maps and map reading go back centuries and are still a vital part of today’s society. Even with new technologies, sometimes a good old trusty map can get you to where you want to be, especially if you’re on top of a moor somewhere with no GPS signal (as much as GPS is fantastic, sometimes it doesn’t quite cut the mustard.) Map reading is a real skill that we want to help preserve in to the future.

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Here at Map Marketing, we pride ourselves on our map knowledge, especially with our very talented, in-house cartographers on the case. We create a huge number of bespoke maps for customers looking for a map for their office or home, using our specialist mapping technology. Not only are maps useful on the go, they are also a very handy tool for in the home, if you want to plan your routes or remember somewhere you’ve been to before. Framing a map or hanging a large map on your wall is a wonderful way to preserve your map.

National Map Reading Week - Dartmoor National Park Map

Dartmoor National Park Map

We even offer our customers map wall paper, which is self-adhesive, allowing you to re-position your map or even move to a different wall all together.

National Map Reading Week - Customised Map Wallpaper

Customised Map Wallpaper

Map Accessories

Of course, a map is an essential for travelers and adventurers, but a vital bit of kit that goes hand in hand with a map is a compass. You also can’t go wrong with a few map stickers to mark your locations.

Silva Expedition 4 Compass -

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Map Based Gifts

As well as map accessories, we’ve created a range of map based gifts, perfect for the fellow adventurer in your life or a treat for yourself.

National Map Reading Week - Personalised Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Personalised Map Jigsaw Puzzle


National Map Reading Week – 16 – 22 OCTOBER 2017

Where could your map take you? Discover your world during National Map Reading Week!