Why do people like personalized map gifts?

Why do people like personalized map gifts?

In May 2018 we are about to send out our 1 millionth Map Jigsaw Puzzle centred on a location. Over the years, customers have told us why they like personalized map gifts.

Top 5 reasons customers love personalized map gifts

It’s a unique gift” Each map gift is centred on a location given to us by the customer – we individually make them to order. This means that it is a gift truly personal to the recipient

It’s a gift that really means something” As customers can choose the location that they wish the map to be centered on, they tend to choose a place that has a personal meaning such as the location of their home or where they first met a loved one.

It’s a thoughtful gift” Customers put a lot of thought into where they want the map centered so there are usually wonderful stories behind why they chose that location.

They love maps” This is a popular gift to give someone who just loves maps! The rise of google maps and other digital mapping has meant that you just don’t see as many maps anymore, but some people truly love pouring over a good map. A Map Gift will certainly make anyone with that affinity very happy!

“They love where they live” Another reason people love a map gift is that they really love the area that the map is centred on. This is often where they grew up or somewhere where they spent a significant amount of time.

View the Map Marketing personalized map gift range

View the whole range of personalized map gifts on our consumer store: Butler and Hill or on our trade sites: US: us.mapmarketing.com UK: uk.mapmarketing.com We are able to drop ship most of these items on behalf of our trade customers. Find out more here

If you would like to have a no commitment discussion about how we could work together give us a call on 1-866-589-0274 (US) 01837 811313 (UK) or email sales@mapmarketing.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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