How are Postcode Maps made?

Postcode Maps

Postcode MapsWhat are postcode maps?

Postcode maps are among the most popular maps that we produce, they’re invaluable for businesses that use postcode boundaries to identify sales or distribution territories. They’re particularly popular with haulage and distribution companies, mini cab and taxi firms and delivery agents.

In an increasingly digital age, nothing replaces the power of a physical map that captures a complete postcode at a glance. While smartphone maps and GPS systems are undoubtedly useful, and have transformed the way that we navigate, nothing can replace the ability to get your bearings on a wall map. And it’s a much easier way to consult a colleague than you both looking at your own phones! Making Postcode Maps

How we make postcode maps

To make postcode maps, we overlay postcode information (at Area, District or Sector levels, depending on your requirements) onto a standard geographical map. This invaluable extra dimension transforms a simple map into a crucial planning tool. We do this on our standard range of postcode maps, but we can also do this on a customised basis, overlaying postcode data on any map that you require. Our hardwearing maps are laminated to allow you to write on and wipe off markings and notes, and can be framed ready for display. Designed to be used again and again, our durable maps will provide a solution to your planning needs for years to come.

Changes to Postcode Data

Royal Mail regularly issue new releases that capture in detail all of the latest postcode and boundary changes. We use digital technology to ensure that our mapping files are kept up to date with this information – we replenish our range on a weekly basis ensuring our products feature the very latest information available so you know that you’re always up to date.

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