We are moving!

Map Marketing are moving to the Cathedral City of Exeter

The end of June 2017 will mark our move from the bright lights of London to the wonderful city of Exeter. See below for our Press Release about our move.

Sought after map and jigsaw creators choose Exeter grid reference over London postcode to plot their future direction

Over the last decade, over half a million bespoke Devon-made map jigsaws have been shipped to America by Map Marketing, including 32,000 last year alone.
The rising demand for the company’s handiwork both on home soil and across the Atlantic has played a big part in the company’s decision to relocate its head office from London to Exeter, reducing the distance from its production unit in west Devon.

A Bit of Map Marketing History

The company’s office and production factory were both based in London until the mid 1990s when the expanding firm moved its warehouse to Hatherleigh, while the head office stayed put in London where the business started back in 1978.
But with soaring rents and plans to grow the company year-on-year, it made economic sense for the acclaimed business, which produces framed maps and charts for the stationery trade as well as gift maps, jigsaw puzzles and geography teaching aids, to relocate their head office to Matford Business Park.

The Decision to Move

“The decision to move the production unit to Devon some 20 years ago, enabled us to branch out into jigsaws as well as maps,” explained managing director Brian O’Donnell. “Our decision to move the office to Exeter will also enable us to grow the business further. “The price premium in London just wasn’t worth it,” added Brian, who said the move to Exeter will generate significant savings for the firm in business rates alone.
The move to Exeter has seen the company recruit a cartographer, a graphic designer and an e-commerce assistant locally, and the business hopes to become part of the existing Exeter business network.
“It’s often easier to partner with companies in rural areas than in London, partly because there’s a smaller pool that’s still of a high quality,” said Brian. “Obviously you meet brilliant people in London, but we hope to find more dependable and relatable partners and build long-lasting relationships in Exeter.”

Who are Map Marketing?

Map Marketing is the leading supplier of UK postcode maps and its specialist mapping division, made up of skilled cartographers, is often called upon to create one off, custom made maps for businesses and leisure purposes.
The company employs around 20 production staff and 10 office staff. Last year sales increased by 10 per cent and the firm is on track for similar growth this year.
The company’s best seller “by far” is a map jigsaw with the location of the recipient’s house as the centre point. “We make thousands of jigsaws, one by one in the warehouse, all hand finished – you couldn’t do everything we do with machines” explained Brian.
One of the most popular map gift products is the Wedding Drop Box, which constitutes a heart shaped map in a glass frame, half of which is a map from the bride’s birth town and the other half from the groom’s, with room for heart shaped message tokens from wedding guests to be dropped in alongside the map.
Plans are afoot to expand their gift range in keeping with the growing demand for jigsaws nationally and internationally.
“Jigsaws for adults are such a growing market that they were added to the Consumer Price Index last year,” said Brian, who appeared on BBC Breakfast at Christmas and spoke about the surge in interest for this traditional pastime.

Room to Grow

“We chose an office space bigger than our needs, so without a doubt we expect to grow the team as we grow the business,” continued Brian who joined the company two years ago.
“Economically and practically, it made sense to move out of London,” added Brian. “Myself, the sales director and the head of marketing all live in Exeter, so we were splitting our time between west Devon and London. We briefly considered Plymouth and Tiverton, but Exeter seemed to have the biggest talent pool.
“However, it was a difficult decision because we had to close our London office before we knew if people would apply down here. But the quality of the people we have found has been exactly what we’d hoped for, and we have a fantastic office team to work alongside our production team.”

Council Support in Exeter

Cllr Rosie Denham, Lead Councillor for Economy at Exeter City Council, said: “It’s good news that Exeter is becoming an attractive alternative to London for businesses looking to ensure future growth; Exeter has a lot to offer the business community, including far lower rents and rates.
“The arrival of internationally in-demand businesses like Map Marketing in the city can only serve to strengthen Exeter’s reputation and inspire other firms to follow suit.”

Find our new address here:  http://blog.mapmarketing.com/contact-us/