Why Map Geeks Love Maps

There are a whole group of people out there (including us) that just can’t get enough of maps. There’s something quite mesmerising about seeing information in picture form that has us examining maps for hours.
For those that don’t understand the passion behind this map addiction, here are a few reasons why maps are so enthralling.


Maps change at a daily rate meaning map geeks like us really can’t get enough of them. As new roads are built, new towns constructed and populations rise the map keeps us constantly updated.

From the comfort of our living room we can learn about developments in countries we’ve never visited, expanding our minds and seeing the world through and explorer’s eyes.

old Postcode Map

For those who love history the love runs a little deeper as maps have been used for centuries. They are an incredible way to step back into the past and to see the world as it was, connecting us with our ancestors as we look on in awe at the different landscapes.


There’s no better way to present information than with a map, the original infographic. Businesses around the world are discovering the power of imagery for sales as they sell online but map geeks have understood this benefit for some time.

The ability to absorb a full world of data in one glance is what makes a map so special as depending on how the information is presented, we can compare countries and learn about other cultures in seconds.

Thematic map


It’s no surprise that the majority of map geeks seen to be men. Men are also stereotyped as hating asking for directions so a map becomes their best friend as they exert their independence when travelling to new towns.

From road maps to explorer maps, we get a heads up of what’s to come.


Maps add a new dimension to art as they are attractive at a glance but interesting when the eye lingers.

In summary, you may not understand a map geek’s passion for maps but you’ll certainly make them a happy mapper if you give them maps as a gift this Christmas!

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